Hello Donna, thought you might enjoy some pictures of Della.
She sure is a great one.
Dale Evans

Hi Donna:

My husband and I were looking on your website today and thought we would send a testimonial to you. We got Mose in December 2013. He was born in October 2013. He is the son of Ike and Olivia. He is handsome and sweet and he is my husband’s best friend. He has 4 other dogs to play with but he rules. He loves to swim, run, gives turtles a hard time, and likes chasing frogs. He goes to puppy day care sometimes and he is the boss there too. He and my son’s beagle are best friends. We love him to death. When he arrived at the airport and we went to pick him up he was ready to go and hasn’t stopped since. We would recommend your puppies to anyone knowing they need freedom to run and play. You really do have an organized easy process to get a dog and they are worth every penny and more. We thank you so much.

Jane and Mike, LaBounty, North Carolina.

Hi Donna! Just wanted to drop you a pic of Phoenix almost 16 years old and still doing great! She is such a special part of our family and we cherish everyday she is with us!

Rhonda Andrews

Ms. Dyas

I wanted to send a thank you a few years later about our dog Lucy which we purchased in 2012. She is a great dog and our boys love her to pieces. She is so smart and loves to watch tv with the boys. She loves to for long rides and look out of the window while she sits in my lap. She even gets between my boys and breaks up their fights when they are having their brotherly spats! She gets between them and barks like crazy until they stop! She’s so cool! I just thought I would send you a note to say thanks. I even attached some pictures of my youngest son Owen with Lucy.

Sean Henze, St. Louis Missouri

Thanks, you helped make our Christmas the best ever!!!! Hope we can keep in touch.
Merry Christmas,
Darin Gregory

hey donna…i just wanted to let you know that i have received the paper work in regard to my puppy. i visited your website and must say that you are absolutely correct, i find my puppy (i named him cole) just as you say, playfull but not hyper. we are really enjoying having him around. my two nephews, they’re 5 and 7 think that he is theirs. they wear him out for me when need be. also, you are so fortunate, your farm is beautiful! i should mention that i grew up on a quarter horse farm here in louisiana. my parents bred to sell and show. i have been riding my entire life. i used to show western pleasure. i rode jumpers for a while. i also worked as a jocky in my earlier days (long past), i rode thoroughbreds here at local tracks. i would love to once again have the opportunity to live on a place similiar to yours. my parents sold the farm years agonow. i’ll let you know if i decide to purchase another puppy. i would really like two. sincerely…jacques

Hi Donna,

We purchased a pup from you in April. We thought you would like to see some pictures of him. We are very happy with him and he has become a much loved part of the family. Thanks so much!

Jessica Adkins and Darren Clark

Hi Donna,

We are really enjoying our Shorty Jack, “Diggs” that we bought from you. His father is “Woody”, and Mother is “Shawnee”. He is around ten months old now, and weighs in at a little over eleven pounds, and is nine anda half inches tall. He never stops, and is a joy to have around, and he sure keeps our old dog young. They get along great. Diggs has some bowed front legs. but it gives him character, and makes him look neat really.

My wife Rose had another heart attack last October, and she finally had to have another bypass surgery operation in January. She had trouble dealing with it, but Diggs got her through it all. Without him she would have a rougher time of it. He lifted her spirits a lot. She is just fine now, and we are ready to load up the camper, Diggs included, and head on out. If we didn’t have the old dog, we would come and get another, but that will have to wait.

Enclosed are some pictures of Diggs.

Take Care
Don and Rose Juska

Hi Donna

John said you had called yesterday. Sure appreciate that. Wanted to let you know that we took the puppy to our vet and she passed with flying colors. Tammy Trout (our vet) said she is a very healthy little girl. Tammy was also impressed with your worming and vac program. She said so many of the puppies she sees, even though they are suppose to come from reputable breeders, are not wormed or vaccinated correctly and yours was perfect. She said you must be a very conscienous breeder and take good care of your dogs. We will take her back to the vet the first of March to keep her vacs on schedule.

Oh yes, we think we are going to name her ‘Sammie’. She is a little tomboy playing with the older dogs so wanted to give her a tomboy name, nothing too girlie for her! She has adjusted quite well and you would never know she hasn’t lived here all her life. She and Gabby get along exceptionally well and Gabby is really taking to the roll of being big sister. Sammie also knows what a coat is and knows when you put it on that means she is going outside and freeze her little butt off. She squats and gets her business done REAL quick so she can get back in the house ASAP and get her treat and some loving. I don’t think she’s going to be too hard to house break….. (better knock on wood!)

Tim did not have school today so he had some friends over last night and they all got on the floor with her and played with her. She loved it! As you can tell, we love her to death and are very happy with her. Will continue to keep you updated on her and want to thank you again for everything! We really appreciate it!

Take care (and stay warm!)


My name is PJ Summers, i puchased a dog from you almost a year ago christmas.His name is Nino, just wanted to tell how awesome this dog is! if you go to myspace.com/ninosummers, you can see how much he has grown up. he will be 1 yrs old the 22nd of October. Hope everything is going well and would love to business again sometime. have a great week!

Hi Donna,

DOG, the pup of Hoppy’s we got from you on feb 1st is doing great. The vet check was good. I take him back this Thursday for his shots. He has made his self right at home. He and Dillon Sleep together, play and are best of buds. The pup even goes in the truck with Dill and his Dad Where ever it goes. House breaking has came some what easy for him. He won’t go to the door, But if you ask to go outside, he tilts that head and does his business and back to the house He comes. At night, he does’nt even go out of the be from Dillon. He wait’s til they get up. We are definitely pleased with our pup, and are passing the word of your name and that you Also adopt out adult dogs as well, and how well they aremannered and cared for.

Thank you, Mary Faulconer

Hi Donna,

Thought you might like to know that Tucker is AWESOME!! He is the most laid back little guy. He is VERY short and stocky and just a great little lad. He was slow to crate train, but now he is all trained and does great. We are tickled pink with him. He is very well behaved, I can even leave him out front and he stays right there. He went through an awkward growth period and he looked funny but he has turned out even better than I had hoped. Thanks again, we all love him!!!!!!!!! I talked to Dustin after he picked up the puppy and he was so excited! I could hear in his voice how excited he was. He took the puppy to Petco and got him some toys, a bed and some food. He said the puppy played with another dog while they were in Petco. Dustin could not wait to get him home. I got tickled at Dustin, he said they bonded as soon as he took him out of the cage. I know Dustin will take good care of the puppy and is looking forward to raising him. We will keep you posted and let you know the name Dustin picks out for him.

Once again, Thanks so much.
Melissa Jones, Greenwood, MS


This is Amanda Kight and I got a Jack Russell from you in May 2008. I just wanted to keep in touch and let you know that we have had a wonderful year. He was the cute little boy with the one brown leg. Milo is adorable and if full of spunk and personality. The dog trainer said he is the “most determined” dog she has ever had. I am not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. He can be a handful at times but he has been a great companion. I get compliments on how “beautiful” he is everywhere I go with him. Thank you for providing me with my very best friend. I attatched some pictures of him when he was still a puppy and some from now.

Amanda Kight

Hi Ms. Dyas, this is Taylor, Julie’s daughter… I just wanted to tank you SO much for my wonderful puppy. I love her! CRICKET is settling in very well, although some of our other dogs are very jealous. She is funny because at times she is all over the place, and other times you can find her sleeping soundly up-side-dow. Cricket loves to jump around, and has learned to sit already! She is a super smart puppy. I really want to teach her how to play dead and roll over, but I figured I’d get the basics down first. She is eating and drinking plenty, and her potty training is going really well. The first couple of nights she wanted to stay up and play all night, but not she is sleeping from 8:30 PM – 5:00 AM. Cricket knows her name and has taken to following me around. She loves to play with our Chihuahua terrier mix, and is extremely fast. As of right now, she is barking madly in the background… I took lots of pictures the other day, so I will send some to you soon.

THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!! Taylor

Hi Auntie Donna. I am so tired after playing with my new friends. So far the big German Shepherd is my favorite friend. She rolls over and let’s me jump on her. The Pomeranian ignores me. But he seems jealous of the attention I am getting. I think he is spoiled!! The chauaua is sort of my friend. But he is older and doesn’t play as much as me. I really love the little girl Samantha who picked me up at the airport.

She has snuggled with me and played the most. I woke her up at 2am because I didn’t know where I was but she played me until I went back to sleep. Right now I am super tired from so much exploring. I am sending you a picture of me in my fancy new pink bed.

Thanks for sending me to this new home. So far I like these people. I meet my mom on Christmas Eve. I am her present. I know she is going to love me. Say hi to my puppy buddies back with you!!

Love Avon

Hello Mrs. Dyas!
I wanted to send you some current pictures of our Lucy. We bought her from you in May and she was from your litter that was born on April 5th. She is very energetic and one of the most vocal dogs we’ve ever had. We wouldn’t trade her for the world! She loves to play with our inside cat, Tigger, he has become her best friend. She currently weighs a little more than 7 lbs. We also just found out the other day that she is allergic to bees. Her poor little face swelled up like a balloon, but luckily we had some Benadryll and it took the you liked when people sent you pictures of the puppies so you could see how they developed. So I’ve attached a few pictures for you. I hope you enjoy. Thank you again!

Sara Partin

Hi Donna!

My name is Lauren Sidwell. My father purchased our second Jack Russell from you on July 1st, 2009. I know that it is important for you to know that your puppies have happy new homes, and I just wanted to show you Charlie! He is such a sweet puppy. Shortly after buying him, our other dog that we had for 13 years passed away, and Charlie helped everyone at my house greatly. He himself took losing our other dog a little hard at first, but he has since bounced back to the happy puppy he was the day we bought him! He loves to play so much. He has a nice big yard to do laps in, and he has even taught himself how to play fetch alone! He is very quick to learn new tricks, and right now we’re working on rolling over. Charlie has his own plush dog bed, but prefers to sleep at my feet at night (he keeps them warm, I don’t complain!). He is the quietest dog we’ve ever had also! He never growls unless he’s playing tug-of-war, and he runs to the door when someone rings the doorbell, but it is a rare occasion that he barks. He is just a very sweet-natured little Jack Russell. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for breeding such lovable puppies. I know where to go when I’m ready for a second one! 🙂

Sincerely, Lauren Sidwell

Hello Ms. Dyas,

We just wanted to let you know that we love our boy Scout. We actually kept the name you gave him as it seemed to fit him perfectly. We are looking forward to our first Christmas with Scout. As he already has accumulated a few presents under the tree. He gets along perfectly with his big sis’, Bella. Our family will miss Bullet, our Jack of 15 years this Christmas. We do appreciate your assistance with finding us a new little boy to adopt. Your kind words and understanding of the breed really helped us decide on Scout. We wish you and your Shorty Jack family a blessed holiday season.

Jesse, Jamie, Bella & Scout

Hi Donna,

I just wanted to say Hi and wish you a Merry Christmas,Ferris has been a very loving,calm, dedicated and smart little jack. He has learned to sit, stay,come and lay down with very little effort, he is very good on a leash and also in the car, the whole family loves him and he gets along great with my grandchildren of 2.5 and 6 years old. Ferris spent his first Thanksgiving with a whole house full of people and was very calm and friendly with everyone,I know we had some questions about his rough coat and how long his hair might get but it has stayed about the same as when we picked him up which is perfect,he has a very adorable look to him which people are drawn to. I just wanted to check in and thank you again for letting me adopt this very special dog,he is by far the smartest dog I have ever owned. Ferris’s next test will be a Christmas Vacation spent in Florida,we have decided to take him along and give him a vacation as well.I hope all is well and your

Jeff Fricke

Hello Donna,

We apologize for not sending pictures and an update sooner. We love and adore Albert!!! He is spoiled rotten. His temperament is perfect; he is playful and crazy, but also very calm and well mannered. I trained him and also took him to puppy classes. At first he was shy and scared of socializing, but now we loves other dogs and always wants to play. At night he is always found cuddling on someone in my families feet. He sleeps in bed and cuddles more and more! We love him so much.

Thanks again,
Kelly and Karen Schneider

Hello Donna,

I just wanted to let you know how well Sage is doing. We have renamed her Sweet Pea, and she is living up to her name. She is very smart; caught on to her new name very quickly. I have received many complements on her and we are keeping her busy with toys and learning to go out to potty. Sweet Pea had her vet check this week and everything is Great, and we have sent for her papers. We love her. Thanks so much for such a wonderful puppy. She is napping now so I could write to you.

Glenna Hiles

Hi Donna,

Hello from the outskirts of beautiful Johnstown, Ohio! We got Hannah from you 2 months ago and am simply
overjoyed to have her. She is the sweetest ‘shorty’ in the world. Her favorite playmate is our next door neighbors German
Shepherd. They play for hours on end! She also enjoys our two cats, they get along wonderfully. We are really glad to have her and wanted to share a picture with you. If Alan would let me get additional pets we would sure love to have another ‘shorty’. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again for letting Hannah be a part of our life.

Sarah, Alan and Hannah

Hey Donna,
We had Maxx’s first birthday in September. We have been meaning to stop by and see you with Maxx but some days are not long enough. Maxx has grown and has become as much fun as he was as a puppy. He has become a wonderful addition to our family since the day we picked him up from your farm. We are new to the Jack Russell breed. I have never seen a dog pick up on things as fast as he does. To be honest, Maxx has had two spankings in his upbringing. House training was a breeze, he understood what was expected of him with only one or two explanations. We live on a ten acre farm and Maxx has complete run of the place. He keeps a close eye on whats going on in HIS yard. The neighbors have a out door cat, which has become Maxx’s BFF. Thanks again Donna, you are breeding wonder dogs. Your name comes up often when someone mentions getting a dog.

Dave & Judi Brewster, Bethel, Ohio


Sorry for being so late on the update. We received “Petey” Nov. 2011. He is a wonderful addition to our family. He is such a character and brings such joy to our lives. He is so active. I often say I wish I could be as happy as Petey is when he gets up every morning. Everyone should be for that matter. The world would be a much better place. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. My dad who is retired babysits him during the day while we are at work. My dad’s face literally lights up in the morning when he arrives. He says here comes my little man. When we pick him up in the evening my dad has a story about what Petey did today. It gives my dad something to look forward to everyday. He has truly been a god send. We just want to thank you for letting us adopt this little guy. We can’t imagine our lives without him. Thanks again and god bless.

Sincerely,Christy and Jay Shifflett, Beverly, WV

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