Life would just not be the same without my Wonderful Short Legged Companions
Every Family Needs a Shorty!

About the Pups

All our puppies are born and raised in my home. When they are old enough and the
weather is nice, they will go outside to their play area during the day.

Puppies are priced at $1200 – $1500

No puppy will be held without a deposit of $300. This deposit is non-refundable, but is transferable to another puppy.

Breeder reserves the right to list first pick puppy, male or female, as pending or on hold. All Parents are PLL and SCA tested or cleared by parentage.


Chrissy, Mother

Puppy’s Birthday: 8/30/22

Pictures taken 12/7/22

Hayden, Father


Kemper, Male

Kiser, Male


Holly, Mother

Puppy’s Birthday: 9/1/22

Pictures taken 12/7/2022

Hayden, Father


Lincoln, Male


Fran, Mother

Puppy’s Birthday: 9/23/22

Pictures taken 12/8/22

Hayden, Father


Milo, Male

Moose, Male

Mikey, Male


Tahnee, Mother

Puppy’s Birthday: 10/27/2022

Leave Date: 12/24/22

G.W., Father


Nessa, Female

(Sale Pending)

Nora, Female

Nikki, Female

Nutmeg, Female


Nitro, Male


Jolly, Mother

Puppy’s Birthday: 11/1/2022

Leave Date: 12/29/22

G.W., Father


Olivia, Female

Odessa, Female

Owen, Male

Oscar, Male

Upcoming Litters

Tahnee and G.W. – Born 10/29/2022

Jolly and G.W. – Born 11/1/2022

This page is dedicated to my mom. She loves to write poems

I would love to come live with you
Have fun and do my tricks too
I’d be your greatest friend
And our love for each other would never end
~Author Lois~

I’m a little Jack Russell not much to groom
Really take up very little room
I promise to obey
And make you happy in every way
~Author Lois~

A Jack Russell is your best bet
Cute, playful, extremely smart
And guaranteed to never break your heart
~Author Lois~

I’m a cute little Jack Russell you would be proud to own, I’d love to share your beautiful home I’m loads of fun and oh so
smart But most of all I have a very big heart
~Author Lois ~

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